Sadness ensues…

I just found out that my grandparents split up. They’ve been married since 1979. For the last few years, they’ve been fighting a lot, about stupid stuff. Papa doesn’t tell Nana when he’s going somewhere, doesn’t tell her when someone is moving in, doesn’t really include her in household decisions. Nana nitpicks at Papa when he doesn’t get or forgets to get something for her at the store, gets upset really easily. It’s just been really bad. I wasn’t supposed to say anything outside of the family, but since no one reads this anyways, I wanted to get it off my chest. I feel like I should be sad about them splitting up, but I’m not. I guess I’ve seen it coming. Papa was the bread winner of the family (he’s a welder). Nana hasn’t worked in… God, forever. She hasn’t had a job since before I was born and I’m 22. My aunt and uncle moved into Nana and Papa’s house a few months ago and since then, my uncle’s been from job to job (he can’t really hold one) and my aunt hasn’t had a job in quite a while either, since before she had Bug. They don’t help around the house (the kids do everything because Nana can’t move around much). Uncle works, but Aunt M doesn’t really do anything around the house, even when it’s obvious it needs to be done. She’s not a bad person or anything like that. I wouldn’t really call her lazy either. She just doesn’t do much around the house. The kids are in charge of chores, which isn’t bad, but she can still do stuff around the house since she lives there. Anyways. Guess I better go. But before I do, here’s a picture of Guppy and Bug to lighten the mood.



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